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Life is better here.

It’s at a different pace.

We find fulfillment in the little things – that for those of us who call Lake Lure home – have actually become the big things.

We run into friends at the post office. We stop our cars for people to cross the street. Seeing a doe and her fawns still makes us pause in quiet gratitude for the moment.

Spotting a glimpse of our resident pair of eagles or a peregrine falcon is cause for big conversation. Our recreational pursuits, be they golf, boating, cycling, skiing or hiking, are at our fingertips.

We rise early to exercise or just be alone with our thoughts. We work hard in our community. We volunteer. We get involved. And when our friends from the big city come to visit, they easily see what it is we fell in love with, what it is that we so actively protect.

Sometimes we joke that it feels like we never lived anywhere else.

It has been said that to enjoy the process you must embrace the simplicity. We have embraced it indeed, and in that process, we have found the sweetest chapter in life’s miraculous journey.

In creating the Tatanka communities of Buffalo Cliffs & Buffalo Cove, we were driven by a desire to share our love for this place with a handful of others who yearn for such a lifestyle.

It is not for everyone. We are not surrounded by malls, neon signs or a wave of restaurant chains. Oh, they are nearby, yet far enough away that Tatanka and Lake Lure remain our sanctuary – our beautiful retreat from an all too busy world.

Tommy Hartzog & Jim Dunn

To Contact Us:

311 Buffalo Creek Road
Lake Lure, NC 28746

Tommy: (828) 429-9375
      Jim: (828) 980-2550

Rumbling Bald Resort, Lake Lure NC